The ups and downs of re-usable nappies

Daughter #2 is now well established with us, and this time round, Roz decided to use re-usable nappies. Nice and easy for her… she doesn’t normally do the washing…

With that aside, they are a lot better than I expected. Once assembled, they are as easy to use as the disposables, but the assembly is the downside. They are all slightly different, and Roz appears to have one of every type.

The one thing that I am happy about is that the re-usable wipes that we bought for use with daughter #1 are a lot easier to use now. I had problems washing them, since my instinct (considering what is on them once used) is to put them on a 60°C wash, and they needed washing twice a week. Now, of course, we’re washing nappies at that, multiple times a week, so they just get put in. They are also better at wiping babies clean too 🙂