Printing and Debian (HP CLJ CP1215)

I’m currently in the process of reinstalling my workstation with the latest version of Debian, and have just been asked to print stuff.
Fine. I have an HP Color LaserJet CP1215 (it was reasonably cheap, and we were fed up with inkjet cartridges drying up in the 6 months between uses). I’d had it set up with my old workstation, but there had been issues, and I tended to use my old XP laptop when I needed to print things directly.
First stage. I wandered over to the HP Linux Imaging and Printing website, to go and see what I needed to do. I had a quick look – the hplip package was already installed. I plugged in the USB cable with the printer turned on, and immediately got a message that I’d just plugged in a printer, and it was ready to work. Seemed too good to be true, so I pressed “Print Test Page”, and waited.
The CUPS test page appeared, and I thought that it was a lot more monochrome than I remembered…
Back to the HP website, searching for the specific printer. Yes, it was supported (specifically under Debian) but required a proprietary plug-in download. Not a problem.
Back to the instructions. I ran hp-setup as root, which failed due to not having relevant GUI support, apparently. So I ran hp-setup -i instead, which gave me an interactive setup on the command line. I hit enter a couple of times to accept the defaults, and it installed the plug-in successfully. I restarted CUPS (/etc/init.d.cups restart) for good measure, and opened up the local CUPS interface (the link only works if you have it installed) in my browser. A test page printed then showed colour, and so I was away.
Now I just need to work out how to use the GNOME printing settings, as most can be done from there. That’s for another time though.

UPDATE: April 2012:
I’ve just had to reinstall again, and this time the hp-setup GUI worked first time. Currently installing with Debian testing (wheezy).