Ivy’s Dedication

If you’ve found this page by following the URL on an invite to our service of naming and thanksgiving for Ivy, welcome. The service is being held at 12 noon on the 17th Feb 2013 at St Leonards, Lexden. It will be followed by a buffet lunch in the church hall.

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Rememberance Sunday

At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month we all pause to remember.

Today we went to the Remembrance Sunday service at church. After the main service finishes at about 10.50 we all file outside. We sing a hymn and say some prayers and then the Last Post is played. And everything stops.

Colchester is a garrison town so, while many of the people present are remembering those who served in the first or second world wars, there are always some who are worrying for loved ones serving at this very moment somewhere in the world.

There is one particularly lovely tradition here which I’ve never seen anywhere else. At the end of the service, after we’ve sung the national anthem and the Rector has spoken the blessing, each of us, slowly at first but then building to a flood, move forward and plant our poppies at the foot of the war memorial. This leaves the memorial, with it’s wreaths laid by various organisations, ringed with red. Each poppy the sign of an individual’s act of remembrance and of their promise never to forget the sacrifices made by the few to whom we owe so very much.

Sussex Pond Pudding – A Harvey Family Favourite

We had Hamish and Phy visiting last weekend. I did a big meal on Saturday night and while the main course, roast chicken and all the trimmings, went down well it was the pud that really impressed them. So much in fact that Hamish asked for the recipe.

I’d made Sussex Pond Pudding, which is a favourite in my family. It’s my mum’s adaptation of a more traditional recipe and we love it. It’s normally served at family get togethers and everyone fights over who gets seconds.

This is the recipe. It’ll feed six easily.

2 tbsp golden syrup
6oz soft yellow fat (I use stork, butter will work but the pudding will be very rich)
6oz sugar
2 medium eggs
6oz self raising flour
splash of milk
2 tsp ground ginger
1 unwaxed lemon

1) Grease a 2pt pudding basin and put the golden syrup in the bottom of it
2) Cream the sugar and the fat together
3) Add eggs and mix well
4) Add the flour and the ginger and combine
5) Loosen the mixture slightly with the milk. Exactly how much you need will depend on the size of the eggs but 3-4 tablespoons should be enough. It should be the consistency of a victoria sponge mix
6) Put half of the sponge mix into the pudding basin on top of the syrup
7) Wash the lemon well and then top and tail it
8) Push the lemon far enough into the sponge mix in the pudding basin that it will stand upright
9) Cover the lemon with the remaining sponge mix
10) Cover the pudding for steaming
11) Put the pudding on the trivet in the pressure cooker
12) Fill the pressure cooker with water to two thirds of the way up the pudding basin
13) Pressure cook at 5lb of pressure for 45 mins
14) To serve turn the pudding out of the basin and just before cutting put your knife into the centre of the lemon and swirl it around to release the juices
15) Serve piping hot with custard

If you don’t have a pressure cooker you could steam this pudding in a normal steamer. It will probably need about 4 hours to cook.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.